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Our vision of architecture is dynamic result of an open dialogue between the economic, cultural, socially and natural „ forces „ that correspond in every project.

Our architect will remain free of all stylistic and technological bias and open to do according to specific conditions of each project on the broadest sense. Open for meetings that can change them whether it is a book, movie, person or idea on specific location.

The path we chose is natural, the one that leads to creation of space in accordance with man, the space which is warm and personal. Our facilities are airy, open, never hard, cold and inaccessible.

Topics that are dealt with in each project are:

  • economy in certain circumstances
  • functionality and flexibility
  • harmony of relations internal and external space
  • relation to environment and natural conditions
  • harmony of light and shadow
  • sustainability – ecological principles
  • use of ecological material and architectural elements

We want to create houses that are strong in aesthetic sense and pure till the point where it can be presented as mark, houses in which people can be what they really are and which will enable them to enjoy it.

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