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1. In accordance to your financial capabilities try to buy a plot as good as you can. Mistakes will not be correctable later.

2. Nice or bad house of the same size cost equally. What you get depends on project.

3.Do not build either too big, or too small house, build the house in accordance to your needs.

4. Think of your future needs. The house is life time investment.

5. Inexpensive project is the most expensive one if was not done properly. House with bad project is more expensive to build and ends up worse.

6. Do not do any experiments with commercial innovations building your home. Use validated materials and technical solutions.

7. Designing your house with low risk can be done only if entrusted to the designer who can prove that its projects were built by at least 100 houses.

8. Any suggestion for change that comes from a mason reconsider in detail with your designer. That will prove as remunerative. A mason is supposed to do his job according to the project, not to make one by himself.

9. Nice yard is as important as nice house if you want to enjoy it in a full sense. Plan it!

10. When it comes to quality of project, „Deltapro" is a leader. Houses we already built so as two decades of tradition shows that.


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